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Accelerate the ocean cleanup with your crypto assets

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OceaniCoin is the only token backed by ocean-recovered plastic NFT.

The first and only utility token dedicated to accelerate The Ocean Cleanup. OceaniCoins are backed by Ocean Plastic Recovery NFT. That means token holders also own a digital asset certificate NFT that represents 1Kg of plastic recovered from the ocean at a specific time and location. This game-changing innovation fights plastic pollution while leveraging the power of crypto assets.

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Accelerate The Ocean Cleanup with your OceaniCoin

OceaniCoin will donate 1.000.000 to The Ocean Cleanup NGO at ICO. The Oceanic alliance with The Ocean Cleanup NGO is dedicated to combat plastic contamination of the food chain and remove plastic waste from our oceans.

In addition, 66% of OceaniCoin blockchain transaction fees will be allocated to a dedicated wallet managed by the OceanicFoundation DAO to advance research and innovation for ocean cleanup and conservation.

Initial Coin Offering
16 Nov 22 - BALI

OceaniCoin ICO will be available worldwide during the G20 conference hosted in Bali

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Total Supply: 21.666.999 tokens

1 OceaniCoin = 1KG OceanicRecoveryNFT = $1USD


OceanicRecoveryNFT will be minted by 1 ton of plastic recovered. Only the holders of more than 999 tokens will be granted an OceanicRecoveryNFT

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OceanicNFT is the Digital Assets Certificate for recovered ocean plastic and art

OceanicRecoveryNFT is the first digital asset certificate for oceanic plastic recovered. The weight, date and location of the plastic collected will be specified and linked to an invoice from our OecaniCollector partners.


OceanicRecoveryNFT can be traded on various platforms such as OpenSea and is a viable alternative to Zero Carbon Offset Credit for a company or individual with and associated NFT to prove their commitment to ocean preservation.

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Have an environmental purpose to your crypto investments

Unlike meme coins, saving the ocean from plastic is not a joke. OceaniCoin's value proposition is unique and innovative. By holding OceaniCoin you  make a direct and positive impact on oceanic plastic recovery and you can prove it to the world with your NFT certificate.

The value of the OceaniCoin is intended tp follow the index of oceanic recovered plastic cost per kg within 12 to 18 months after ICO. The real cost of Oceanic recovered plastic is currently estimated between $4 to $6 USD / kg.



The first and only crypto token dedicated to accelerate The Ocean Cleanup. OceaniCoin are back by Ocean Plastic Recovery NFT.


The global marketplace to mint and exchange Oceanic Plastic Recovery NFT and OceanicArtNFT. An excellent alternative to Zero Carbon offset credit to be plastic positive.


OceaniCollector is a worldwide network of Ocean plastic collectors. The plastic they collect will be matching an OceanicRecoveryNFT. Our main Collector is The Ocean Cleanup NGO.


The public blockchain explorer for The Ocean Cleanup contribution transparency. Individual and businesses who own OceaniCoin and OceanicRecoveryNFT can prove their  environmental commitment to the world

Oceanic Ecosystem Architecture

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